Each region specified will have preliminary written rounds of Math Olympiad and Source Code event along with a hands-on, free of cost workshop on different topics of robotics and/or coding.

For Math Olympiad, top 2 winners of each region and for Source Code, the winning team of each region will get a direct entry to the finale round of the respective event which will be conducted during Kshitij from 27th-29th January, 2017 at IIT Kharagpur.

A wildcard round will be conducted during Kshitij 2017 at IIT Kharagpur for those who couldn’t participate earlier. The qualifying participants will move on to the final round to prove their mettle in this quest for supremacy!


  • Do we have to pay anything to participate?
  • No, you need not pay anything for participating in any event/workshop.
  • What will be the topic of workshop in my region?
  • The topic of workshop will be different for each region. Please check your region pop-up for more details
  • Will I be getting a certificate if I participate?
  • Yes. You’ll be getting a certificate of participation and a certificate of excellence if you qualify for the next round.
  • What will be the syllabus of preliminary round of Source Code?
  • The questions will be based on logic, pattern recognition, basic programming concepts and program analysis.
  • What will be the duration of each event and workshop?
  • The duration of both the events is 1 hour each. The duration of workshop is flexible. Please refer to your region pop-up for more details and exact schedule.


Sreyansh Jain


Toshant Kamble


Ajaysree Koppula


Raevent Kaul