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Data Analytics
Kshitij and Cloud4C present a Data Analytics Hackathon event which gives a cutting-edge competition for enthusiastic participants who want to showcase their analytical and technical skills. Participants have to develop an algorithm for the processing of significant cumulative big data and get substantial insights. 

Prize Money: INR 90,000
**Team and Condition: Winner may get the opportunity to receive incubation, Mentorship and further funding by Cloud4C to continue its project.

Problem Statement:
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Submit your abstract at mail id:   [email protected]

Team size: 2 - 3 members in a team.(NO-single participations)

Problem Statement:
The challenge is aimed at making use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in
interpreting Web data. The dataset has to be extracted by participants on the comments,
discussion forums, news articles, tweets, Wikipedia data, etc. about the GST frauds.
Specifically, we will aim to go beyond information retrieval to do reasoning over the
multimodal dataset and develop algorithms to obtain solution strategies. Develop a model
to find the reasons for GST fraud and solution strategies using web data. Participants are at
liberty to download the data from various sources and apply text analytics, network analysis
or other techniques of their choice.

1. Extract a data set of your own through various sources.
2. Pre-process the data
3. Identify aspects involved in the GST Fraud
4. Categorize those aspects as per the semantics
5. Identify the causes which mainly mediate the fraud and solution strategies to curb the fraud using a co-word network.

Use deep learning models and methods to design the algorithm.

The competition will take place in 2 stages.

Round 1:
Submission of a detailed functional description of the solution including the proposed technical approach to developing it. Successful submissions must include detailed technical specifications. Successful submissions must have a clearly outlined approach to developing the prototype along with an initial version of their prototype. Submission should be submitted on [email protected] before the deadline 10th Jan.

Round 2:
Qualifying teams will be selected and would be invited to participate in the Final Round at Kshitij, IIT Kharagpur which is from 17th-19th January. Here, the proposed prototype will be presented and demonstrated to a panel of judges.

Rules and Regulations :
  1. Each team can have a maximum of three members in order to participate (Including the captain).
  2. Access to online sources of information is not permissible during the event.
  3. Participants must not bring any handouts or materials on their own unless mentioned or stated.
  4. All participants must carry ID proof of their own.
  5. All the teams are required to bring the registration receipt with them.
  6. All Participants are required to report 30 min before the event starts, to the reporting desk.
  7. Event timings may clash with other events. Participants are expected to inform the organizer of the event beforehand.
  8. Requests for team change/individual member interchange in a team just before the event will be ignored. Any changes should be informed five days prior to the event.
  9. Any misbehavior of participants during events/rounds may lead to disqualification.
  10. Participants must be present during the event at the specified time. Absent participants will be automatically disqualified.
  11. In case of any disputes, final wording will remain with the organizers. The decision of the judges is final.
  12. No questions over the evaluations of the participants by the judges will be entertained.

Mail at : [email protected]