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Math Olympiad
Kshitij, IIT Kharagpur in association with the IEEE Student branch IIT KGP presents Maths Olympiad for the participants of Kshitij'20. Math Olympiad is the ultimate mathematics challenge for you to showcase your analytical and reasoning skills. It’s the time to wake up “guess” in you. This is the event where zero also acts as a hero!! So get ready to face brain teasers and tackle them with your incessant “CPU”. 

maths Olympiad has two rounds.

1st Round:
The first round will be conducted two times, once during Kascade and other in IIT Kharagpur during the fest. Selected students can participate in the 2nd Round.
There will be 15-20 questions given to the participants, and allotted time will be 1 hr.

2nd Round:
The 2nd round will consist of 15-20 questions and the allotted time will be 3hrs.

Rules and Regulations :
  1. Individual participants must be registered.
  2. Access to online sources of information is not permissible during the event.
  3. Participants must be present for the event at the given time and given place.
  4. All participants must report 15 minutes before the event starts.
  5. Every participant should have their id card or at least one proof of identity.
  6. All the participants are required to bring the registration receipt with them.
  7. In case of any inconvenience or doubts during the competition, participants are required to seek the help of the volunteers present or to the event coordinator.
  8. In case of any disrupts, the final world will remain with the organization.
  9. The decision of the judges will be final.
Mail at : [email protected]