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Robowars is one of the flagship events of Kshitij and the most thrilling event in which two participants fight with their robots. In Robowars you have to design a robot using the great technical framework and interesting customized weapons to fight with your opponents and to prove your mettle on the battlefield. This is the time to embrace the opportunity and to win glory.

Design and construct a remote-controlled robot capable of fighting a tournament against another robot. There will be 2 series of battles with 15 kg and 60 kg robot with its respective weights parallelly.

Problem Statement:  Click Here
Sample Abstract:   Click Here

Submission Deadline:   8th January 2020
Submit your abstract at mail id :    [email protected]
TEAM: Maximum team size of 6.

  • Arena 16ft*16ft
  • Playground 14ft*14ft
  • Sidewall 1ft
  • Poly 4mm(certified).
  • Poly height 6ft.
  • Base metal iron plate.
  • Base plate thickness 2mm. 
  • The arena has 2 gates, gate height 4ft.
Rules and Regulations :
  1. There will be no restrictions on the dimensions of the bot.
  2. The weight of the machine should not exceed 15 Kgs and 60Kgs. All batteries should be on board. The weight of the remote controller will not be counted.
  3. All type of bots is allowed.
  Mobility methods that are NOT allowed:
  1. Flying (using airfoil, helium balloons, ornithopters, etc.) is not allowed.
  2. The robots should not secure itself on the ring surface by using suction cups, diaphragms, sticky treads, glue or other such devices.

Robot Control Requirements:
  1. The robot must be controlled only through a wireless remote, while all power supply must be on board.
  2. The control must be exhibited over all of its functions and positions. Although autonomous functions within the bot are acceptable, the controller must be able to remotely disable or override these functions at any time. Note that any damage due to this function is the responsibility of the team, and there must compulsorily be a manual emergency stop (E-stop) function that can be controlled from the radio controller to manually override this autonomous function in case of emergency.
  3. If a team has two bots in the same category separate driving system and a separate operator should be there.  
Battery and Power:
  1. The machine must be powered electrically. The use of an IC engine in any form is not allowed. Onboard batteries must be sealed, immobilized-electrolyte types(such as gel cells, lithium, NiCad, NiMH, or dry cells).
  2. The electric voltage between any 2 points on the machine should not exceed 36V DC at any point in time. Participants will have to bring their own converters for standard power supply according to Indian standards.

Weapon Systems:
  1. Robots can have any kind of magnetic weapons, cutters, flippers, saws, lifting devices, spinning hammers, etc (if they qualify the criteria mentioned below) as weapons.
  2. Following weapons cannot be used:
  • Liquid projectiles (Foam, liquefied gases)
  • Any kind of inflammable liquids.
  • Weapons causing invisible damage (Electrical weapons, RF jamming weapons, and others).

Match Duration and Type:
Matches will consist of 3 minutes of active fight time exclusive of any time-outs. Hence, it is not binding but advisable to keep battery capacity, power usage and machine defenses such that they can sustain a 3-minute fight. The match will be a regular 1 on 1 combat between 2 bots.

Criteria for victory:
  1. Aggression
  2. Control
  3. Damage

Mail at : [email protected]