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           TM191CD6        Prashik Sahare
                                                        Saurav Ray
                                                        Arpit Jain

2nd            TM19208C      Prashant Shishodia
                                                     Anjaneya Praharaj

3rd             TM191CD6        Nilay Pathak
                                                        Omar Eqbal
                                                        Rajorshi Tah
                                                        Nishant Thakur

There will be two rounds in this event. 1st round will be an offline round and 2nd round will be an online round.
First Round: 
  1. Your team name along with team member name should be mentioned on the answer script.
  2. In Multiple Choice Questions, you have to mark one only option (if more than one option is marked, it will be considered wrong).
  3. In case of coding problem, you can write pseudocode or specific to the language i.e C, C++ and python.
  4. The answer script should be submitted at the end of the event.

Second Round: 
  1. You will be provided with a link that will be lead to a coding platform.
  2. You have to solve the question within the given time, your answer will be auto-submitted once the time gets over.
Rules and Regulations :
  1. Maximum team size 4 members( Members may be of different departments).
  2. Access to online sources of information is not permissible during the event.
  3. Participants must be present for the event at the given time and given place. The absence of the team will be automatically disqualified the team.
  4. All participants must report 15 minutes before the event starts.
  5. Every participant should have their id card or at least one proof of identity.
  6. All the teams are required to bring the registration receipt with them.
  7. In case of any inconvenience or doubts during the competition, participants are required to seek the help of the volunteers present or to the event coordinator.
  8. All participants should bring their own laptops.
  9. In case of any disrupts, the final world will remain with the organization.
  10. The decision of the judges will be final.

Mail at : [email protected]