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CoD Mobile
Call of Duty
Mobile is a  first-person shooter game battled in thrilling PvP multiplayer modes like 5v5 team deathmatch, domination, frontline, search and destroy.

COD Mobile 
  A team would consist of 5 members each
  Battle will be 5 v 5.
  Open qualifiers will be single elimination in TDM 
  All maps along with TDM and Domination mode will be available and will be allotted for a double elimination. 
  All weapons will be accessible.
  No Emulators are allowed.
  Round 1 will be Team Deathmatch Mode.
  Round 2 will be Frontline Mode. 
  Semifinals will be Team Deathmatch & Dominance Mode. 
  Finals will be Search and Destroy and also Team Deathmatch Mode.
Rules and Regulations :
  1. Members of a team may be from the same college/school or different (School/UG/PG).
  2. Participants have to bring their own mobile phones for the event.
  3. Any number of teams can participate from one college/school.
  4. Professionals are not allowed. Only students can participate.
  5. Direct team registration will be online as well as offline, no offline registration will be entertained after the prelims. 
  6. Participants from different colleges must bring the KTJ ID Card with them.
  7. Participants are requested not to cause any damage to the systems and equipment provided for the event. If any damage is caused then it will be compensated by the participant and will lead to disqualification from the event.
  8. Participants are requested not to bring any food or beverage in the gaming arena.
  9. Participants are requested to maintain decency during the event, the use of abusive words or any kind of nuisance will not be tolerated and it may lead to disqualification from the event.

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