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MapmyIndia Innovation Challenge
MapmyIndia has created a niche, bringing India on the global-map of navigation and telematics as a truly “Made in India” company. With over 25 years of technological innovations in mapping technologies, the company has built comprehensive, accurate and feature enriched map datasets. These maps are professionally curated, continuously updated and used in navigation, telematics, analytics, and location-based services. These maps enable the Internet of Things` platforms and mobile applications. MapmyIndia’s mapping applications are used extensively to provide solutions in Smart City projects, Electric and Autonomous Vehicles and many more recent disruptive technologies.
Problem Statement:
Using MapmyIndia's APIs & SDKs, create an application (web/ mobile) or working prototype that can solve a real-world problem that people/ businesses face today.

MapmyIndia Documentation:   Click Here
API Information:  Click Here

Areas of expertise
·  Maps and Traffic
·  Navigation
·  IOT and Telematics
·  Analytics
MapmyIndia`s Map APIs & SDKs make the user experience much more meaningful. With the most up-to-date location data and all India map coverage, we provide an easy-to-use location and mapping functionalities that make it possible for users to develop and create a high-performance, interactive mapping experience.
Experience relevant & most accurate search results for an address, a place or a pair of geo-coordinates
Routes & Navigation
Get turn-by-turn directions with alternate driving routes between specified locations with traffic.
Empowering developer/enterprise for selection, visualization, queries, styling and analytics on the data which is archived in MapmyIndia’s pan-India database.

1. The challenge will be scheduled for 12 hours.
2. Competition is blended into two checkpoints. The first checkpoint will be halfway(after 6 hours) through the competition. The final checkpoint will be at the end of the competition i.e, at the end of the hackathon.
3. Each checkpoint will entertain teams with five minutes of evaluation based on the progress as per the judging criteria.
4. After the final checkpoint, the top 10 teams will be allowed to present their solution in ppt 3 minutes each.

Judging Criteria: 
1. The originality of the proposed solution
2. The extent of usability of the solution
3. How scalable the solution is.
4. How far-sighted marketing can be 
5. Level of Map My India API and SDKs adoption in the solution
Rules and Regulations :
1. Access to online sources of information is not permissible during the event. 
2. The minimum team size is 2 and the maximum team size 4 members ( Members may be of different departments or college). 
3. Only the first 30 registered teams will be allowed to participate in the event.
4. All participants must carry ID proof of their own.
5. All participants are required to bring the registration receipt with them. 
6. All Participants are required to report 15 min before the event starts, at the venue. 
7. The technical team will be available to assist the participants. 
8. Participants must be present during the event at the specified time. The absent team will be automatically disqualified. 
9. In case of any inconvenience or doubts during the competition, participants are required to seek the help of the volunteers present or to the event coordinator. In case of any disrupts, the final world will remain with the organization. 
10. The decision of the Judges is final.
Mail at : [email protected]